Knitted cast on blog

The Knitted Cast-On

The Knitted Cast-On was the first CO that I successfully learned when I started knitting. It’s perfect for beginners, as the process mimics the act of knitting itself; each new stitch is knit from the stitch before. Here’s a video to guide you through the process of how to cast on using the knitted cast-on. The Knitted Cast-On, step-by-step Step…
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The Cable Cast-On

The Cable Cast-On, a video tutorial

The Cable Cast-On was the second CO that I successfully learned when I started knitting, the first being the Knitted Cast-On. It’s a great step for newer knitters to learn after getting the hang of the knitted cast-on, and of knitting itself. The process is similar to the act of knitting; each new stitch is pulled from between the stitches…
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How to Block and Wash Hand-Knitted Socks

Do I need to block my hand-knitted socks? Yes! How do I block my hand-knitted socks? We’ve got you, read on! How do I wash my hand-knitted socks? We’ll cover that, too! If you’re asking any of the above questions, you’ve come to the right place! Do I really need to block my socks? While no one will be hauling you off…
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HeadOverHeelsKAL Blog

Our Head Over Heels KAL Starts Now!

Introducing the Head Over Heels Knit-A-Long! We’re over-the-moon excited about the release of issue eleven : head over heels, which inspired this KAL. Our love of accessories will shine during the #HeadOverHeelsKAL, which is about ALL the Nomadic Knits accessories that we’ve published over the years. Who: Knitters! What: A new knitalong celebrating the release of issue eleven : head over…
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Blog Swatch Gauge Gizmo

How to Swatch and Check Gauge in the Round

Since I tend to ramble a bit in my posts, I’ll post the HOW in this blog, and the WHY separately in an upcoming blog. Chances are, if you’re reading this, you already know that you should be swatching in the round, though you may not realize why. The quick and dirty why is that purled stitches tend to be…
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Hand knit socks hanging from a clothesline

Introducing issue eleven : head over heels!

This issue, issue eleven : head over heels, is dedicated to our love of accessories. Hats? We’ve got six. Socks? We’ve got six of those, too. Plus legwarmers, slippers, a scrunchie, a wristband, and even a drink coozie! Projects range from beginner to expert, with a little something for everyone (we hope you’ll agree)! We chose eight different stitch patterns…
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How to Duplicate Stitch

What is Duplicate Stitching? Duplicate stitching is a form of embroidery that can be used to add design motifs to a completed knitting project. Using a tapestry needle and a contrasting color of yarn, you will use simple embroidery to duplicate the knitted stitches in just about any design. Use contrasting yarn in the same base and weight for a…
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Knitting in the round

How to join in the round

JIR. Join in rnd. Join to work in the round. If you’ve only ever knitted flat before, or if you’re brand-new to knitting altogether, you’ve come to the right place! If you’ve been joining in the round for a bit, but you’re not sure if you’re necessarily doing it the “right way,” this blog will help build your confidence. *…
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Knitting with Purpose

Craftivism in Knitting In recent years, the fiber arts have been increasing in both popularity and visibility. The term “craftivism” was first used in 2003 by Betsy Greer and means to use one’s creativity and crafting talents for the greater good. In the most general of terms, it means to knit for a cause, which for some means knitting for…
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Knitmas Mix Tape

Some Knitmas Cheer – in Mix-Tape form!

Remember mix-tapes? They were a staple for us growing up. I still have tapes made by my friends that will forever make me smile. Although I can’t write the same heartfelt messages in the liner notes, Spotify allows me to create mixes to my heart’s content. Every issue of Nomadic Knits has its very own playlist and each year for…
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❅ Knitmas is Coming ❅

IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR INFORMATION ON #TWELVEDAYSOFKNITMASMKAL 2022, CLICK HERE! Introducing Twelve Days of Knitmas 2021! The Twelve Days of Knitmas 2021 is a fun after-Christmas mystery knit-along (MKAL). You’ll receive one “clue” every day for twelve days, starting on December 26th, with directions from cast-on to bind-off (and weaving in ends and blocking, of course).    How do…
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Introducing issue ten : texas!

We traveled through Texas and curated a collection of knitwear from eleven designers around the world and twelve spinners and dyers from the big state of Texas. This issue includes two shawls, two pairs of socks, a hat, and a variety of short and long-sleeved sweaters to suit the wide temperature range from north to south, and from winter to…
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