Twelve Days of Knitmas 2023


Ah, Knitmas… 🎶 It’s the most wonderful tiiiiiiiiiime of the year 🎶 You know that awkward chunk of time after Christmas where no one knows where they’re supposed to be or what they’re supposed to be doing? Yeah – you know what I’m talking about. We fixed it. With knitting!   The Twelve Days of Knitmas Mystery Knit-Along(MKAL) is our…
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Tech Gremlin Blog

Treacherous Tech Gremlins and How to Squash Them

Hi there! Nomadic Knits recently switched to a new email provider, Kajabi, and I’ve received feedback from some of you that the links in our email newsletter are being flagged as “risky” and “suspicious”.😳 Now, I promise you, I’ll never send you anything shady, and Kajabi is a well-respected company that is safe to interact with! So, let’s talk about…
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Alterknit Rebellion Interview Blog

Alterknit Rebellion – An Interview with Anna Bauer

Hey there, knitting enthusiasts! I’ve got an exciting new (to me) book and author interview to share with you. Alterknit Rebellion is a collection of knitting patterns so bright and bold, they’ll make your yarn stash blush with envy. But here’s the twist – these patterns are inspired by Hønsestrik, a Danish knitting movement from the 1970s. Hønsestrik, loosely translated…
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Tribute Blog Cover

A Tribute

On Friday, August 19th, at 11:11 pm, a large piece of my heart departed for her next adventure. If you’ve known me for over five minutes, you’ve heard me talk about my Aunt Eddie. She has been a central part of my life since before my mother took a breath in this world. Without her, I wouldn’t exist. Aunt Eddie…
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NK Warehouse sale

Nomadic Knits Warehouse Clearance Sale

It’s the biggest sale in Nomadic Knits’ history! Get ready for the ultimate knitting and crochet shopping extravaganza! Nomadic Knits is proud to present its Warehouse Clearance Sale, offering you unbeatable discounts of up to 75% on all your favorite knitting supplies. From knitting magazines to yarn, knitting needles to crochet hooks, pom poms to knitting accessories and notions –…
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Knitmas in July

Knitmas (in July) is coming!

Knitmas in July is almost upon us! What does that mean for you? This Knitmas in July, we’re celebrating the spirit of Knitmas with a KAL/ FAL. A FAL?! There’s nothing new under the sun, so I’m pretty sure I didn’t just invent this, but a FAL is a finish-along! If you have a Knitmas project from years past, now’s…
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Kraemer yarns blog

Kraemer Yarns Knit List

Why Kraemer Yarns? Kraemer Yarns has been spinning yarn in Nazareth, Pennsylvania, for over a century. Many years ago, when I owned a tiny yarn shop called The Glitter Ninja in upstate New York, Kraemer was the tried and true staple yarn that I stocked in the shop. I loved the mill’s history and its proximity to the shop. How…
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Favorite things blog

These are a few of my favorite things🎶

Hello there, knit friend! One of my favorite things about getting together with fellow knitters is hearing about their latest favorites, whether it’s a new technique or trick or a new notion or book that has brought them joy. I’m sharing some of my favorite things with you, hoping they bring you joy! These are all items that I use…
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Inspiration Knitting Blog

How knitting enriches your life : Inspiration

Part Two: Inspiration✨  Raise your hand if you’ve ever lost your knitting mojo.🙋🏼‍♀️ We’ve all been there, and man, is it a bummer! When I lose my knitting mojo, it’s a safe bet that I also feel less-than-inspired in other areas of my life. This is the part of the story where knitting saves the day. Fixing a general lack…
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Woodland Knits Blog Post

Magical Woodland Knits – An Interview with Claire Garland

I recently acquired a copy of Claire Garland’s book Magical Woodland Knits. I was immediately enchanted by the beautiful image and gold embossing on the front cover. It is a beautiful publication, printed on fine paper and containing creative photos of the complete projects (twelve woodland animals), as well as detailed photos of the construction of each project.   ✨Be…
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Nomadic Knits issue twelve utah nevada

All about issue twelve : utah / nevada!

For our most recent issue, Nomadic Knits traveled through Utah and Nevada, curating a collection of knitwear from fifteen local dyers and ten designers from around the world. The knitting patterns include socks, a hat, a shawl, a cowl, a tank top, a cardigan, and five pullovers ranging in weight from fingering to bulky. Each design name is inspired by…
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