We are Nomadic Knits

A Knitting Magazine & Travelogue Filled with Knitting Patterns

Nomadic Knits is a boutique knitting magazine featuring regional indie yarns and the makers who grow, blend, and dye them. Utilizing beautiful designs, Nomadic Knits presents you with fibers and knitting patterns that echo the culture and history of the region.

Each issue is your passport to a unique corner of the fiber world, where you’ll meet local artists and read their stories. Our wearable knitting patterns aspire to honor their traditions.

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Culture & Climate

The climate and cultures of the regions we visit shape each issue of Nomadic Knits knitting magazine. Our goal is to showcase unique fiber and knitting stories throughout the U.S. and abroad. Each region inspires us to learn more and share what we find with you in stories, photography, and gorgeous knitting patterns.

Where To?

Our relentless travels inspire the articles, photography, and overall feel of Nomadic Knits knitting magazine. Via our blog, you’ll get a behind-the-scenes look at all things yarn and travel (as well as the shenanigans that ensue during our adventures). Putting together a traveling creative knitting magazine is quite the adventure, and we’re excited to share the labors of our love with you.

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This Saturday, August 14th, at 4PM EST, Melissa and Becky will be spilling the beans on all things travel-knitting and creating a knitting magazine on the road. We will share some tips and tricks and well as some fun stories. We will also be answering all of your questions! Click here to learn more about our Fiberside Chat.

Issue ten : texas is now available!

Our latest issue featuring the Lone Star state is hot off the press! You can order it here.

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