Knitmas Mix Tape

Some Knitmas Cheer – in Mix-Tape form!

Remember mix-tapes? They were a staple for us growing up. I still have tapes made by my friends that will forever make me smile.

Although I can’t write the same heartfelt messages in the liner notes, Spotify allows me to create mixes to my heart’s content.

Every issue of Nomadic Knits has its very own playlist and each year for Knitmas, we like to share our holiday playlists with you. I’ve linked a few below for you to check out.

My playlist this year is a bit melancholy – Melissa dubbed it #sadtidings.😂 She’s not wrong, but it’s lovely all the same. If you’re like me and find this time of year tugs at your heartstrings, this one’s for you.

Our previous years’ playlists are a reflection of our favorites, old and new. I hope you’ll find a happy memory of your own as you listen.

What are your holiday favorites? I’m always on the lookout for something new!

Mixtapes forever,


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