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Field of yellow flowers in Montana

Washington or Bust: Part Deux

When last we gathered ‘round the campfire, I had made my way to Pine Bluffs, Wyoming. Since then, I’ve been to Idaho and right back to Wyoming, to Idaho, Montana,…

Epic Knitting Save

When I was a new knitter, I thought that I’d get to a point where I wouldn’t make mistakes anymore. Now that I’ve been designing sweaters and such for about…
Nomadic Knits knitting magazine's traveling office in front of grain storage bins

Washington or Bust!

As promised, a little update on my travels. Since leaving Florida on June 19th, the rolling yarn wagon and I have: – traveled 2319 miles, – driven through twelve states,…

Christmas in July?

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I sat down with the intention to write about now being a good time to start casting on for gift knitting, since we’re inside of six months to the winter…

Scrappy Memories

Hi Friends, Most of the knitting I do these days is for work: figuring out new designs, knitting samples for magazine photo shoots, casting on for knitalongs… Don’t get me…
A sunset over a highway taken for Nomadic Knits a creative knitting magazine

On the Road Again🎶

This week is a biggie for me. By this time last year, I’d already traveled through twenty states. Due to *waves hands wildly in the air* I’ve been in Florida…
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Where We Stand

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Hi friends, We would like to take a moment to make it clear where we stand when it comes to our community. We believe that fiber friends are the best…