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Thanks for stopping by to check out Nomadic Knits, a boutique knitting magazine featuring beautifully designed knitwear, local fiber producers, indie dyers, and local yarn shops. Each issue shines a spotlight on a different region of the world and highlights the things that make that region special. Our first issue focused on Florida and was released in September of 2018. We followed up in December of 2018 with issue two : new york state and have since released five more issues.

Becky and Melissa met and became great friends through their love of yarn and knitting. They continuously enable each other to buy ALL the yarn and knit ALL the things. Not too long ago, Becky sold her house, her yarn shop, and most of her belongings, and took off to travel the country in a van with her giant poodle, Bubba. Melissa is the designer behind Melissa Kemmerer Designs, and she travels between upstate New York and southern Florida, knitting wherever she happens to be.

These two are determined to stay connected through their love of knitting and all things fiber. You can follow their pursuit of local makers and fiber artists here on the blog. Melissa and Becky believe that local is where you are right now, and wherever you find your people; it is not just a place, but a sense of community and belonging.

Meet the Team

Melissa Kemmerer wearing knit sweater

Melissa Kemmerer

Co-Founder & Editor

I like avocados.

Melissa started knitting at the age of 16. After a year of garter stitch scarves, her Aunt Margaret taught her to read patterns, and how to appreciate good yarn (in other words, started her on the journey to becoming a yarn snob). Melissa knit on and off through her college years and during her career as a physical therapist.

In 2012 she left the medical field after surviving a horrible assault that took her young daughter’s life and left her with a severe ankle injury. Melissa credits knitting with rescuing her from the brink of suicide. She immersed herself in the fiber arts to occupy her idle hands and mind.

In 2014 she began designing knitwear and now has over one hundred patterns available on Ravelry.

In 2018 she teamed up with her best friend to create Nomadic Knits, and the rest is history.

Becky with Angora goat

Becky Beagell

Co-Founder & Editor

I like tacos.

Becky began knitting in her twenties, armed with nothing but a cheap pair of needles and Debbie Stoller’s Stitch & Bitch Handbook. She quickly fell in love and hasn’t gone anywhere without a knitting project in her purse since then. We use the term “purse” loosely. It’s actually more of a suitcase.

In 2015, Becky opened a yarn shop called The Glitter Ninja in Binghamton, NY. She and Melissa met when Melissa came to the shop looking for needles.

In 2017 Becky’s wanderlust led her to a life on the road with her dog, Bubba. She currently travels throughout the US in a small RV, racking up the miles and singing along (badly AND loudly) to all her favorite tunes.

Bubba the dog with blue dye on face


Top Dog

Bubba specialized in quality control and talent retention along with providing thorough snuggles to all within paws reach from the very beginning of Nomadic Knits until he crossed the rainbow bridge in Spring of 2020. He lives on in the pages on Nomadic Knits and in our hearts. He was the goodest of naughty pups and we miss him dearly.

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We’re hoping to take you along with us for the fiber adventure of a lifetime!