Lunar Eclipse over the Rio Grande

Knitting & Shenanigans 5.30.21 B

Where we are: Nathan and I are still soaking in the sunshine in San Antonio, New Mexico. It seems to be getting hotter by the minute, but the evenings remain blessedly cool.

We’re still bird-watching and catching glimpses of the wildlife. We saw a bearded dragon and it was the highlight of my day!

We were able to watch the lunar eclipse during the Blood/Super/ Flower moon. Nathan grabbed this shot. In person, it looked like a perfectly round lump of burning coal, illuminated from the inside.

As if that wasn’t enough excitement, a bunch of cows escaped their pasture and we got to watch the cowboys come round them up.

What I’m reading: I’m reading There, There by Tommy Orange and The Diviners Lair of Dreams by Libba Bray. I like to have at least one book that I’m reading with my eyes and one that I’m listening to as an audiobook. That way I have something to distract me while I’m exercising.

What I’m knitting: I just cast on a little something for issue eleven in gorgeous yarn from Cori Bea. Cori is an indie dyer from New York that I met in another lifetime when I owned a local yarn shop. Her colors are spectacular!

What I’m listening to: T Bone Walker. All T Bone. All the time.

What we’re talking about: The kickoff of the #NKSummerKAL! It happens June 6th, so we’re less than a week away. 

June 6th is also my birthday, so Nathan has been asking me what I’d like to do. I usually don’t do much celebrating on my birthday, so I’m at a loss. We’re thinking about a trip to Albuquerque for cowboy boots. But the Very Large Array, Lincoln, and Pie Town are also contenders. Help! I need suggestions.

What we’re drinking/eating: Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! It’s the mantra of the Southwest. We’re still drinking Topo Chico, but water and sun tea are rounding out our non-alcoholic beverage consumption.

We purchased some dried chiles last week and have been experimenting with different uses for them. This week we made some chile sauce and it turned out darn good for a first attempt.

Until next time…


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