Knitting & Shenanigans 5.25.21 B

Where we are: Nathan and I are in San Antonio, New Mexico near the Bosque del Apache Wildlife Refuge. We’ve been taking evening walks along the Rio Grande and moonlit walks through the desert. The Super Moon is almost here, so it’s very bright at night! It’s fair to say we’re soaking in everything the Southwest has to offer, including the sun.🥵 If you have any unscented sunscreen recommendations, I’m all ears. 

What I’m reading: I’m reading There, There by Tommy Orange and The Diviners Lair of Dreams by Libba Bray. I like to have at least one book that I’m reading with my eyes and one that I’m listening to as an audiobook. That way I have something to distract me while I’m exercising.

What I’m knitting: I’m in magazine layout mode, so I’ve temporarily set down my knitting needles. Don’t worry – it won’t last long!

What I’m listening to: I’m back to my usual mix-making. The issue ten : texas playlist is currently a work in progress. I’ve made it public so you can check it out if you like! My undying love of Willie Nelson is on display for all to see.🥰

What we’re talking about: The upcoming #NKSummerKAL! We’re ready to knit ALL the things with you – but we’re trying to be reasonable about it. We’ll see how that goes…. Have you decided on a project yet?

What we’re drinking/eating: It’s HOT out here, so we’ve been drinking plenty of Topo Chico. It can be more difficult to find once you stray from the southwestern US, but if you love sparkling mineral water, it’s worth the search. The bubbles are soft and perfect and so refreshing!

Nathan has been sampling all the local beer and we’ve also tried some local cider. 

New Mexican food is some of my very favorite. The variety of chile sauces that can be found here is impressive. At local restaurants, almost every meal has the option of being served with chile sauce. Your server will ask if you’d like red or green, but I always reply Christmas, which is how you ask for both. My sinuses have never been clearer!

Last night we had dinner at the famous Owl Bar & Cafe in San Antonio. It’s the home of the first green chile cheeseburger and has a great story (involving covert scientists and the Manhattan Project🥸) of how it came into being. But the best part is definitely the burgers!

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