White woman with a blond braid wearing a grey hat with pink and purple Fair Isle and a purple pom pom


The issue five : vermont KAL officially kicks off TODAY!

Why didn’t you announce it sooner?! you’re probably asking us right now. Well, guys, the truth is that we had the idea just two nights ago. It’s really your doing; we were talking about what a fun group you all are, and how much we want to keep it going, so we thought, let’s start something this weekend!
Temperatures are still in the single digits nightly throughout much of the northern United States, including the place of our last issue, Vermont, so let’s send them warm thoughts as we knit beautiful Vermont-inspired patterns.
Take a look at all of the Vermont designs for inspiration, then do a little stash diving, or give yourself a mid-winter present of beautiful Vermont yarn (there’s a ton of great wool up there) or a fun accessory like project bags or pom poms. We still have issue five in print and we can email you the Ravelry code from your copy within 24 hours of ordering so you can cast on without waiting for the mail.

You had me at KAL, just tell us the details already!

Guidelines (“rules” seems so strict, and we just want to have some fun!):

  1. Cast on anything from issue five: socks, hat, mitts, sweaters, or even a Dog-Danna!
  2. Tag your pictures in the Facebook group or on Instagram with #issuefivekal.
  3. Bind off by April 15th (no worries if you don’t finish; you’ll still be eligible for prizes).
  4. Post a picture of your finished project in the Facebook group or on Instagram by April 15th with #issuefivekalfo.
  5. Have fun and be kind to one another❤️

We’ll be drawing random prizes from photos tagged with #issuefivekal and additional prizes for #issuefivekalfo. Plus (guys, we’re SO excited about this part), we’re making custom vinyl stickers for each of our knitalongs starting with this one. Everyone who tags their finished projects* with #issuefivekalfo will get one of these stickers, even our international knitters! Every knitalong we do will have its own fun and unique sticker, and once the kal is over, they’ll be gone forever (did anyone else have a Disney Vault flashback right there?).
*One sticker per knitter, but please feel free to knit ALL THE THINGS for more chances to win prizes!

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