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A sunset over a highway taken for Nomadic Knits a creative knitting magazine

On the Road Again🎶

This week is a biggie for me. By this time last year, I’d already traveled through twenty states. Due to *waves hands wildly in the air* I’ve been in Florida…
Nomadic Knits creative knitting magazine supports the Black Lives Matter movement

Where We Stand

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Hi friends, We would like to take a moment to make it clear where we stand when it comes to our community. We believe that fiber friends are the best…
A dock on Lake Superior in Michigan the location for Issue 7 of Nomadic Knits knitting magazine

issue seven : michigan is coming!

Dear friends, Becky and I have been hard at work on issue seven : michigan since last summer. We have a seriously impressive list of designers and dyers in this…
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This blog is about gratitude. It is raw and honest.  Warning: you may need tissues and a glass bottle of wine to get through it. Many of us have plenty…
A knitting pattern by Jodi Brown of the Grocery Girls for Nomadic Knits knitting magazine; herrington hat knit with indie dyed yarn and topped with a pom pom

Love Letters KAL

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Hi everyone! We’re really excited to spill the details of the Nomadic Knits Love Letters Knit-along! When Becky and I ran our first knitalong – the Beach Hair Don’t Care…
Stowe away knitting pattern for Nomadic Knits a creative knitting magazine

An Ease-y Blog

The terms positive ease, negative ease, and no ease are frequently found in knitting patterns, and can be a hard concept to wrap your head around.  Many of you may…
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Stash Love Stories

A few days ago, I talked about giving ourselves permission to feel all of our feelings. Sad, angry, scared, done, over it all, depressed, anxious… Does anyone else feel like…
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Love in the Time of…

It seems the world has shifted. Fiber events have been canceled, many local yarn shops are temporarily closed, and people are voluntarily restricting their travel and avoiding public places. We…
White woman with a blond braid wearing a grey hat with pink and purple Fair Isle and a purple pom pom


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The issue five : vermont KAL officially kicks off TODAY! Why didn’t you announce it sooner?! you’re probably asking us right now. Well, guys, the truth is that we had…