Sushi rolls from Koon Manee Jupiter in Florida

Koon Manee – Jupiter, FL

After exploring the lovely Knit or Knot yarn shop in the town of Jupiter, Becky and I were on a quest for delicious food that met our dietary restrictions (gluten and dairy free).  A five-minute drive took us to Koon Manee, a laid-back Thai and Japanese restaurant that my husband and I love and frequent often.  They are open for lunch and dinner (except on Sundays, when they are only open for dinner), and offer an extensive menu of both Thai and Japanese dishes: noodles, rice, teriyaki, tempuras, curries, soups, fried rice, and sushi, to name a few.

Becky and I are both lovers of sushi, and we each ordered a special roll and a house salad.  The salads came out almost immediately, with the most delicious ginger dressing that had both of us scraping the bowls for every last drop.  The sushi rolls were beautifully presented and came with generous helpings of ginger, wasabi, and even gluten-free soy sauce (yay!).   We both eat like pigs have healthy appetites, and were pleasantly full after the salad and sushi roll, which was good because we had spent all our money on yarn (#noregrets) that morning.Not into sushi, Japanese, or Thai?  No worries!  Jupiter is a booming oceanfront town with an unbelievable selection of restaurants.

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