Four Purls Winter Haven FL

Four Purls: Winter Haven, Florida

“You have found your people.”

What a perfect welcome to this shop; every person inside is a potential knitting bestie, from the vivacious and always smiling owners, Laura and JD, to the regulars who can be found stitching away in the warm and inviting “living room,” as they call it.  The ladies who staff the shop are always ready to help, and they are all incredibly kind and supportive of knitters of all levels.  Laura is dedicated to bringing in amazing instructors, who have lately included Tanis Gray and Bristol Ivy.

Oh. Em. Gee.  How have I not mentioned the yarn yet?  Four Purls is home to the most indie dyed yarn I have ever seen in one shop, and it’s all displayed beautifully, inviting all the yarn squeezing and petting anyone could want.  The lighting is great; no running to windows with your skeins to make sure that you are seeing the true colors, and there’s plenty of available space to spread out your goodies to admire all your choices.  There are so many great yarns to choose from: Malabrigo, Madelinetosh, Anzula, Quince & Co., Hikoo, Baah, Twisted Owl, Apple Tree Knits, just to name a few, plus an amazing wall of the crazy beautiful color that is Emma’s Yarn.  One of the best things about Four Purls is that when they choose a yarn to carry, they stock it in sweater quantities in TONS of colorways.  Looking to make a sweater in Rios?  You’ll have dozens of choices, and several other yarns to distract you from your initial idea, like the wall of Anzula For Better or Worsted, or the Hikoo Sueno, or all the Baah… I could go on for days. Need notions? Needles? Knitting jewelry? Handmade buttons? Pom poms? They’ve got it all!

Wait, back up.  What’s that about Emma’s Yarn?  You guys, Emma is Laura and JD’s 16 year old daughter who dyes her own line of amazingly beautiful yarn.  Aspen, her older sister, just joined Emma’s team, and together they are headed for total yarn world domination.  I’m not exaggerating here; once you hold a skein of any of her bases, you will be hooked (accidental crochet pun, and it’s perfect!).  There’s the Super Silky base, an 80/20 Merino and Silk blend that feels lusciously cool in your hands and is perfect for the warm (ok, freaking HOT) Florida climate; Beautifully Basic, a classic 100% Merino; Practically Perfect, a great 80/20 Merino/Nylon sock base; and the Hella Hank, a 600-yard MCN blend that feels like heaven.  Have I mentioned the colors?  Emma and Aspen are color wizards; every time I visit, I find another colorway that I cannot possibly dream of living the rest of my life without.  I mean, I can’t even!!!  Seriously guys, I may need a KNIT-ervention to stop me from buying ALL. THE. YARN.

Right now you’re probably experiencing some serious yarn envy, so head over to their wonderful website and peruse all the awesomeness.   Take a look at our gallery of pictures, too, just be careful not to drool on your keyboard.  Now go forth and find your people!


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  • Donna Fairhurst
    March 12, 2018 12:29 am

    Just visited the shop for the first time Friday. Your descriptions are so right-on. I almost had to be rescesitated the first moment in the shop. After that it was gasp after wonderful gasp at all the beautiful, colorful, imaginative yarns. And I had only made it to Emma’s yarns!! Will definitely be a regular there. Even a 45 minute drive will seem so very worth it!!

  • I am in withdrawal. Laura and JB I miss the store. Buffalo has lost another yarn store. Not only did I lose my husband Jon last April I went to Florida in early Nov and got very sick. A side complication to this was I nearly lost use of my right arm which fortunately was temporary. My son from Baltimore flew down to go home with me. Got home and got sick again and was again in the hospital. I am finishing up my last project I got from Four Pearls. If I hurry to finish it I will be able to use my shawl of Kensie yarn as there is still snow on the ground here. If all goes well I will see you in April on a short trip to see my mom in Lakeland. So excited about your anniversary and so glad for your web site to see the progress the family has made. Emma was just getting into her dyed yarns so I’m anxious to see the direction her talents have gone. I look forward to seeing you next month.

  • Cindi Spurgeon
    April 3, 2018 1:51 pm

    Four Purls is my local yarn shop even though it’s over an hour away. Love them to bunches!

  • Emma’s yarn is so beautiful. I’ve visited the 4 Purls Yarn Truck and bought way too much lovely yarn. Can’t wait to do it again on their next trip to my area!


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