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Wandering Stitches

Greetings from Wandering Stitches!

Hey there, embroidery aficionados and embroidery-curious knitters! Welcome to Wandering Stitches, where everyday items hold the potential to tell a unique, stitch-filled story.

It’s likely you’re here because you received a Wandering Stitches gift from me in your Knitmas Kit. πŸ’• Thanks so much for taking the time to learn more.

Stitch Beyond the Hoop with Stick and Stitch Magic✨

Say goodbye to the ordinary and hello to Stick and Stitch embroidery patterns – a fun way to add a touch of whimsy to your world!

Where to Stick and Stitch?

Wandering Stitches’ Stick and Stitch designs can be used on a wide variety of items: hoodies, hand knits, denim, hats, sneakers, pillowcases – you name it! If you can pass a needle and thread through it (and it doesn’t melt in water), you can embroider it using Stick and Stitch designs.

Peel, Stick, Stitch – It’s That Easy!

Wandering Stitches’ embroidery designs arrive at your door as stickers, ready to apply directly to your chosen project. No more wasted time transferring your design to your project!

Each sticker can be used once. Peel off the backing, stick it on the item/fabric you want to embroider, and let the stitching adventure begin! When you’re done, a brief soak in warm water dissolves the sticker, and voila – your masterpiece is complete.

Tips for the Stitching Extravaganza

While we’re all about stitching outside the lines, we do have a few pro tips:

  • Opt for non-stretchy fabrics for the best results.
  • Secure your threads with a trusty knot on the backside to keep them from going rogue in the wash.
  • If you’re working on a project that is resistant to the “stick” of your Stick and Stitch design, run a basting stitch around the edge of the sticker to keep it firmly in place.

*If you are stitching on a stretchy fabric (you rule-breaker, you!), be sure to place your design in an area that doesn’t stretch when worn.

Creativity Unleashed

You won’t find color recommendations or step-by-step instructions with your Stick and Stitch designs. Why? Because we believe in your creative genius! Grab your favorite threads, fire up your imagination, and let the stitching begin.

Stitch, Experiment, Repeat

Feeling adventurous? Play with color, explore different stitches, or stick with your tried and true favorites – the Stitch and Stick world is your oyster!

Happy stitching!


Kits are available on Etsy!

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Wandering Stitches Winter Gnomes Embroidery Stickers

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