The Knitty Gritty

For the first annual Local Yarn Store Day, Becky and I decided to visit The Knitty Gritty in Vero Beach, FL.  This shop was the first one that we visited when we started snow-birding to Florida in the winters, and we were greeted like long-lost friends. 

The Knitty Gritty (TKG) is owned by husband and wife team Terry and Anna, and they can both be found at the shop nearly every day.  Terry, aka “The Yarn Dude,” worked as a yarn representative for many years, and is very knowledgeable about yarn and all things fiber.  A great conversationalist, Terry is a pleasure to talk to, and offers solace for yarn-weary husbands.   Anna is a prolific knitter with a delightful Asheville, NC drawl, and can always be found with a project in hand; the shop is filled with lovely garments she has knitted.   Terry and Anna have staffed the shop with a great group of women who truly enjoy sharing their love of fiber with customers.

Not just stocked for yarn snobs, TKG carries a large selection of more affordable superwash yarns that are great for knitting and crocheting on a budget, knitting for kids (believe me, the first time a diaper explodes on a sweater that you painstakingly handknitted with Tosh, your yarnie soul dies just a little), beginners who are hesitant to spend big bucks on fancy yarn for fear of it ending up hopelessly tangled and hibernating forevermore in the bottom of a closet, or for those who just aren’t crazy yarn-obsessed.  For me personally, I fall into the crazy yarn-obsessed category, as I’d rather buy yarn than electricity, even though I need more yarn like I need a hole in my head, but let’s save that topic for another blog…

What else is available at The Knitty Gritty?  Beads!  They have a good selection of beads and beading supplies to add to your knitting, and for making jewelry and other bling.  There are classes every month for making beautiful bracelets and earrings, because let’s face it, knitters love crafts, and we all love shiny things.

Vero Beach is known as Florida’s Hibiscus City, and the beautiful flowers can be found in a multitude of colors in parks and home gardens throughout south Florida.  TKG is planning a series of exclusive yarn colorways celebrating the vibrant blooms, the first of which was dyed by Mountain Colors, and can be found now in the shop. 

The Knitty Gritty boasts a very comfortable sit-and-stitch area with cushioned chairs and even a couch, for the friendly ladies who like to linger over knitting and conversation.  There are set knitting times of Tuesdays 11-1 and Thursday evenings, but knitters and crocheters are never discouraged from stitching away the day surrounded by beautiful yarn.  There is also a spacious teaching area in the back of the shop, providing a quiet learning environment for classes and one-on-one knitting help. 

Don’t just take our word for it; as Anna would say, “Git on down to the Knitty Gritty” to squeeze the yarn for yourself!

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