Melissa with sheep

6 Reasons the Vermont Issue of Nomadic Knits Belongs in Your Hot Little Hands

Do you hear that? 

It’s the sound of rustling paper and the clink of our knitting needles preparing for action.

We’re over-the-moon thrilled to announce our latest issue: vermont. If you saw us at the Vermont Sheep & Wool Festival or the New York Sheep & Wool Festival in Rhinebeck, you know we’ve been hustling to show you the amazing designs from this issue.

Our fifth issue is now up for grabs!


Yarn-Tangled Tales from Vermont

In this issue, we’ll take you on a wooly journey through the downright delightful hills and veering valleys of Vermont. 

Join us as we:

  • Tour the labyrinth that is Green Mountain Spinnery
  • Find ourselves adorably attacked by a rare breed of sheep that snuggled us like puppies
  • Share some gorgeous, brand-new knitting patterns from amazing designers
  • Explore the landscapes of the Green Mountain State
  • Reveal more beautiful indie dyed yarns … because yarn
  • Show you the circus-themed pictures from a downright fiery photoshoot


We saw all the autumn leaves. ALL of them.


Vermont’s residents pride themselves on quirky local culture, a vibrant tourism trade, and of course, a thriving livestock industry that includes not just sheep but also oodles and oodles of dairy cows. Say cheese! (And then be sure to visit a Cabot Cheese outlet and taste all of the samples. Trust us on that one).

Not many people live in the Green Mountain State. It’s mostly small towns and farms. But the fiber community is bustling, full of love, and totally inspiring in its collaborative nature.

That spirit is on display in its full glory at Wing & A Prayer Farm, located in Shacksbury. In this issue, you can visit this inspiring farm through our storytelling and pictures.

Bubba on patrol in the Green Mountains!


Need more reasons to grab Issue #5, Vermont? Don’t miss:

  • Maple Syrup
  • Rye Whiskey
  • Circus Tricks (Not necessarily in that order! What did Mom always say? Circus tricks before whiskey.)

We were a little surprised by Vermont’s genuinely quiet nature. Time literally seemed to slow down.

So, we slowed down, too. We breathed, maybe let a minor deadline slide. And we reveled a bit in the magic of what it means to embrace the moments in a gorgeous, tree-filled landscape.

We hope you’ll feel the magic, too, in the images and stories you’ll find here.

Melissa being smothered with woolly love at Wing & a Prayer Farm


Where We’re Headed

Next up? We escape the early winter snows and zoom south as fast as our Winnebago’s little wheels will carry us.

Stay tuned and Knit the World!

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  • I just ordered a version of your latest “Vermont” edition, but I prefer these publications in book format. How do I get this is book format?


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