❅ Knitmas is Coming ❅


Introducing Twelve Days of Knitmas 2021!

The Twelve Days of Knitmas 2021 is a fun after-Christmas mystery knit-along (MKAL). You’ll receive one “clue” every day for twelve days, starting on December 26th, with directions from cast-on to bind-off (and weaving in ends and blocking, of course). 


How do we get the clues?

Sign up for our Knitmas 2021 email list to get the clues delivered to your inbox first thing every morning (around 4am EST). Every email will include a fun freebie from us to you – patterns, cocktail recipes, discount codes from our friends in the knitting community, etc.


If email isn’t your thing, we also release the clues daily in Ravelry – download the free pattern (link) and it will be updated in your Ravelry library every morning around 7am EST. (It’s later because we have to release it manually, whereas we can automate our email schedule.) The Ravelry updates won’t include our fun freebies, so we hope you’ll sign up for the emails as well.


Where can I participate?

The most fun will take place in our Facebook group, Knit the World. We have an encouraging and kind community where all are welcome. 

We’ll be following and sharing posts on Instagram using #twelvedaysofknitmasmkal, and you’ll be eligible to win prizes there, too. (Your profile must be public for us to see the pictures.)


Can you give us any hints?

Absolutely! We’d love for you to be ready with your yarn and needles so you can cast on with us on Day One. Consider this to be Day Zero.


Size and Shape

We’ve decided to include two size options this year. The first is a full-size rectangular shawl: two feet wide by (up to) nine feet long. 

The second is a scarf version: eight inches wide by (up to) nine feet long.


Wait, NINE FEET LONG?! No, that’s not a typo, and no, we haven’t lost our minds (not yet, anyway, ask us again in a few days…); we know that it’s enormous! 


Up to? 

That’s right! The rectangular shape of this project makes it super easy to customize the length; the stitch count doesn’t change as the shawl progresses, so you can adjust the length of each section as you go. If there’s a stitch pattern that you love, keep going with it as long as you like. If there’s a stitch pattern that’s just not your jam, skip it. You can just knit an inch or two, skip the whole day, or substitute a stitch pattern from a previous day. For those of you who are already hyperventilating from the thought of yarn chicken, don’t panic! Each section will list the required grams and yards, including how many grams/yards per row, because I’d be in the corner breathing into a paper bag with vague instructions like “keep going if you want to.”


We want this experience to be fun, not stressful. There are twelve days of clues, but we don’t expect anyone to knit the entire shawl in twelve days. The KAL will “officially” run through the end of January, but anyone who participates will be eligible to win prizes. We’ve been known to give prizes to enthusiastic cheerleaders as well, so join us in sharing your love for everyone’s projects even if you’re not knitting along.


Without further ado, may we present:


Day Zero


Sizes: 8” x 108” (24” x 108”)/ 20.5cm x 275cm (61cm x 275cm), or length as desired.


Needles: US 5/ 3.75mm or size to obtain gauge in SS, and US 6/ 4.0cm or size to obtain gauge in colorwork. 

*It is recommended to change needle sizes if you are new to colorwork (the pattern is simple, don’t worry!) or have tighter stitches when knitting colorwork.


Gauge: 26 stitches and 36 rows = 4”/ 10cm over Stockinette stitch and over colorwork.


Yarn: fingering weight in four colors; 117 yards/ 107 meters (350 yards/ 321 meters) of each color.


Notions: stitch markers, tapestry needle.


Samples knit in: Nomadic Knits Twelve Days of Knitmas 2021 kits.


Can you help me choose colorway combinations?

Sure! We’ve curated two kits on our website: Team Becky and Team Melissa. 


For stash divers, here’s a guide for creating your own combination:


Color 1: a bold solid/ semi-solid color.

Color 2: a speckled colorway – best if the speckles include bits of Colors 1, 3, and 4.

Color 3: another solid/ semi-solid color, with or without some more speckles.

Color 4: a soft neutral color.


All colorways should be in similar weight (fingering), but let’s mix up those bases! Merino, merino-nylon, merino-nylon-cashmere, single-ply, two-ply, four-ply, bring it all!


Please remember – this is just knitting and there are no hard and fast rules for color selections. Choose what makes your heart happy. 

We can’t wait to knit with you! 💖

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  • Yarn: fingering weight in four colors; 117 yards/ 107 meters (350 yards/ 321 meters) of each color.

    I am a bit confused 4 colors .. 117 yards (350 yard) each color. So does this mean I need a small skein (117) and a large skein (350) both skeins will be the same color? Total of 467 yards per color Thanks

  • Is it possible to use only three different colors instead of four? For example to use color 2 for the same sections as color 4.
    I hope you understand what I mean – I am German and do not really often express myself in English…..

    • Hi Susanne!
      It is possible, you will just have to make adjustments for any sections with colorwork so that you will have contrasting colors next to one another. It may be a bit tricky since you won’t know what patterns are coming next. Working a day behind would probably be very helpful. We’re all for you making it yours, but it could end up being quite the challenge! We look forward to seeing what you decide on. Happy Knitting!

  • Christine Cheson
    December 22, 2021 8:23 am

    Good morning. Traveling with my Melissa kit today. What should I bring as the first color -clue one?
    Thank you.

  • Ann Millhollen
    December 26, 2021 7:03 pm

    If I use worsted weight for this what size needles should I use? What other adjustments should I make. I would make the scarf. Thank you.

    • Hi Ann,
      That’s a pretty large adjustment. You would have to up your needle size and your yardage would be affected. It will also change the size of the finished scarf/shawl by quite a bit. As it was written and tested in fingering weight, we can’t provide you with the adjusted measurements, but it would surely be a big, cozy scarf/shawl!


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